Teaching philosophy

I believe music education is a human right.

I believe that studying music opens up the mind and allows us to truly discover who we are and how we fit into the world around us. Before taking private lessons I would describe myself as insecure, flighty, and afraid. Since I’ve started taking lessons I have become confident, dedicated, and fearless.

My aim in teaching is to develop a love of learning. Studying music requires work but is one of the most worthwhile experience anyone can have. Music is problem solving. Music is learning all the rules and then learning to break them. Music is truly the expression of oneself. My goal is to take high level concepts and techniques and break them down to a level in which all of my students can learn them. I believe all students can learn to play with excellence and it is my job to find the perspective they need to learn any given technique or concept.

Technique is the foundation to effortless music expression. So here what a lesson with me would generally look like:

1/3 of lesson: Scales. Scales help develop facility. In plain terms, facility is the ability to move your fingers quickly and accurately. Scales also help develop a sense of tonality and ear training.

1/3 of lesson: Technique. This section is broad and can include a variety of concepts that I pick specifically for the need of the student. This can include specific right/left hand technique, etudes, ear training, sight reading, etc.

1/3 of lesson: Repertoire. Each semester I assign repertoire that will challenge the student but also sets them on a path for success. Repertoire is where we apply the technique we have learned into specific musical scenarios. I also require my students to perform one of their pieces at least once per semester. This can be a recital performance, a performance at church, or even a casual performance in the living room for the family pets.